Is RES a nationwide company?

RES provides national coverage with our headquarters situated in Aqua Duice California. We also have a large comprehensive network of service providers all over the US so we can offer reliable services and competitive pricing to national accounts.

Can my baler be placed outside?

Yes, all of our equipment can have the necessary components converted to be placed outside operation. It is recommend that the machine is located indoors or a covered area. DOing so will increase the working life of the machine.

My baler is not working who should I contact?

We have our own highly qualified factory trained team of service techs based all over the US, who can fix any type of recycling equipment, whether or not you bought it from us originally. What’s more you can also get a maintenance package from us, in order to keep your machine in tip top condition, whatever the make and model. It is helpful if you can let us know the make, model and serial number of the machine when calling.

Are Balers & Compactors safe to use?

Yes, 100%. All our equipment is EU approved and fully compliant. On installations full training is provided on the use of the equipment.

Can only authorized personnel operate equipment?

Yes, all equipment can be isolated with a key switch or on the isolator.

Will it cost me more because of equipment investment?

No, by separating materials from your general waste stream for recycling you are saving on ever-increasing disposal.landfill cost and reduce transport frequency along with reaping a return for the baled material. The payback or rental cost of equipment is minimal compared to these savings.

How will I know what equipment to choose for my application?

A member of our sales team will assist in making the right choice for you, we will visit the site to measure waste/recycling volume outputs and types of materials generated and offer the best equipment for the task.

Do we have to purchase the equipment outright?

Of course this option is available, but no, we offer a number of flexible rental or lease purchase options over short or longer term periods. In some cases, recyclers will finance the equipment in return for the material being generated at your facility.

When should I buy a horizontal baler?

A horizontal baler should be considered when paper, cardboard and other recyclable materials exceed quantities over 100 – 150 tons per month. This is only a rough indicator and it would be best to contact us to audit your waste disposal needs. Please note there are many factors when buying a horizontal baler such as loading options, tying options, max tonnage, throughput needed and material type.

Why buy a baler?

A baler is the best method for collecting material to be recycled. Recycling centers prefer material to be baled for easy handling. Most recyclers will give you a better price for your waste material baled than loose. Other reasons for buying a baler include: Saving storage soace, providing a safer and more hygienic area and helping the environment.