Corporate Vision Statement

Precision Hermetic Technology (PHT) is dedicated to a continuous improvement philosophy founded upon the principles of knowledge based management. We will move forward with the clear understanding that quality improvement in our products comes through the systematic reduction of process variation. PHT is dedicated to instilling in our work force a clear understanding of the theory of variation and to provide them with the tools necessary to reduce it. Our objective is to clearly define the requirements of our customers and then to provide them with goods and services that exceed their expectations. PHT will be a world-class provider of goods and services. We will focus on our customer’s needs and strive for recognition in our industry as a distinctive and successful

Quality Policy

Management has defined its policy for quality, including objectives for quality, and its commitment to quality. The quality policy is relevant to PHT, Inc. organizational goals, and the expectations and needs of our customers. Top Management ensures that the quality policy is communicated to all employees. It is included in new employee training and training on the QMS to maintain high standards within our organization. Management reviews the quality policy from time to time to determine the policy’s continuing suitability for our organization. The PHT quality policy is stated below:

We shall, through continuous improvement, fully satisfy our customers’ requirements and our internal standards and do it on time in accordance with our delivery commitments.

Customer Focus

PHT strives to identify current and future customer needs to meet customer requirements and exceed customer expectations. Top Management ensures that customer requirements are understood and met, by requiring compliance with documented customer communication procedures. Customer requirements are determined, and converted into internal requirements, and communicated to the appropriate people in our organization.

It is our goal to be our customer’s benchmark supplier.