Precision Hermetic Technology was founded in 1989 as a manufacturer of glass to metal seals primarily for military and aerospace applications. At that time, PHT’s customer base was located in California, and the company started its operations in San Bernardino in an 8,000 sq. ft warehouse building. Co-founder Daniel B. Schachtel, originally from New York and a graduate of the University of Rochester, moved to California to help run the company in 1989. PHT initially began as an assembly plant with almost all components being purchased from subcontractors, and although PHT experienced solid growth, Schachtel believed that the company’s potential was limited by its lack of vertical integration.

In 1994, Schachtel became president after buying out his remaining business partners. He quickly focused on aggressively attracting long-term industry professionals and providing them with the best possible tools for the job. Over the next 10 years, the company grew from a handful of manual machines to more than a dozen CNC machines in almost double the manufacturing space.

In December of 2004, PHT moved to its current 25,000 sq. ft headquarters in Redlands, CA, and currently operating two shifts with several dozen advanced CNC machine tools as well as a variety of process equipment. We now manufacture virtually all of our component requirements internally, and still continue to remain focused on developing new and better tools, continuous process improvement, and expanding our capabilities.

We still have a significant focus on Military and Aerospace applications, yet serve a variety of customers with an extremely diverse array of applications including spacecraft, military and commercial aircraft, missile and defense systems, ship borne systems, semiconductors, industrial process equipment, oil and gas industries, high reliability batteries, communications, cryogenics, and medical, to name a few. We will continue to expand our capabilities in order to support new and existing customers with an expanding range of products and solutions.

Our parts range in size from the size of a match head for a sensor application, to a two-foot diameter bulkhead for use on the International Space Station. The one thing that all our products share in common is that they are used in mission-critical applications. We recognize that peoples’ lives often depend on the performance of our products, and it is a responsibility that we accept with great pride.