We manufacture a broad range of feedthrough style connectors with weld and solder mount interface. Our feedthroughs are used in Submersible Pumps and Downhole instrumentation as well as Physiological, Exploratory, Biometric, Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Cryogenic medical probes and devices. Our products are manufactured to withstand both high pressure and in vivo environments ensuring reliability and continuity of electrical power in downhole drilling as well as surgical applications. Sizes and configurations can be customized for specific design requirements.


Materials (shells):

Stainless Steel, Titanium, Kovar, Monel, Aluminum, Inconel 600 & X-750. RoHS compliant materials and certification available.

Materials (Contacts):

Iron Nickel Alloy, 52 Alloy, Kovar, Brass, Beryllium Copper and Phosphorus Bronze as well as other types of Copper Alloy materials. RoHS compliant materials and certification available.


NADCAP certified plating is available with nickel, tin, tin-lead, silver, cadmium or gold finish and stainless steel passivation.

Hardware mounting configurations:

Bulkhead mount, box mount, jam nut mount or flange and weld mount for laser welding. Post machining capability for titanium and kovar welding requirements.


Flatten and pierce or eyelet, flying lead, solder tail, solder cup, solder pot, and all are available with solder dip coating.


All contact styles and sizes are available and will meet Mil-Std-1344 requirements.


Leak Rate (1x 10-9 cc/sec helium at 1 atmosphere differential) and pressure testing up to 40,000 PSI, electrical continuity, dielectric withstanding voltage (DWV) per Mil-Std 1344 and insulation resistance (IR) validation at temperature per Mil-Std 202.


Less than .001” are achievable on finished assemblies, please consult the factory for details.